What We Do

DEXT.AI is a team of experienced professionals with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Software engineering, Data Warehousing, Test Automation and Digital Technologies. We specialized in the development of AI-driven software and offer consulting in the latest technologies.

Overview of Service

Web Design

DEXT.AI has excellent competence in the area of responsive design in current web technologies. The use of the latest UI frameworks such as Google Material Design or Bootstrap is the basis for the excellent usability


We help you to move your operations to the cloud. This includes analyzing your needs, choosing the optimal cloud service, building the infrastructure, dealing with security & monitoring and supporting with the migration. We have professional experience with the most powerful cloud services.

Data Warehousing

We design and build data warehousing solutions from scratch or improve existing solutions. We integrate data from multiple source systems, build up data history, improve data quality and restructure the data to deliver excellent query performance. 

Machine Learning deployment

We build the complete pipeline starting from data extraction, data preparation, model training to model evaluation & validation. We use state-of-the art machine learning algorithms.



How Can We Help You?

At Dext.ai, we want to help you make meaningful business decisions that transform your bottom line, drive your dreams, and help your business achieve immense growth. Talk to us today, and discover how we work hard to make your data work for you.