2020 was a forgettable year
Can 2021 be different with the help of AI?

Danijel Kivaranovic and Marcin Chudeusz

Would the world have escaped COVID-19 if a matched algorithm could predict an impending pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic took the world unaware despite the progress that has been recorded in technology, artificial intelligence science, and telecommunications. The pandemic upsurge collapsed the regular structure of health services, schools and businesses across the globe. Coronavirus ravages the world with death rate above 2million out of 25million plus cases globally with many institutions and countries on lockdown.

The non-predictability of the pandemic by machines defines its novelty and the difficulties the world faces in surviving at this tough time.

Survival in 2021

Survival is key to humanity. This has birthed the need to live with the pandemic and get schools, businesses and institutions back to operations in the new normal era. The pandemic has however restricted physical interactions and engagement and the new normal opens up the need to devise how the world will survive. Can AI come to the rescue in 2021?

As 2021 continues, medical and tech-experts are developing AI on using an expert system, a combination of knowledge-based and intelligent engine for health predictions. The results of this development would complement efforts at reducing the risk of COVID-19 spread, contact tracing and faster machine-prone medical services. Machine learning and automated planning are progressively evolving to cater to the rising global needs for education and business at the face of the pandemic.

AI Shaping the world

Despite the unpredictability of the novel virus, AI has been of evolving aids in raising solutions to the problems posed by the virus. Covid-19 detection neural network (COVnet) has been developed to differentiate COVID-19 from pneumonia using scans in 2D-3D visuals. Service robots are also being implemented for taking charge of routine services in the hospitals including record keeping, cleaning, disinfecting and performing essential roles as needed.

Research has shown that AI is able to detect and diagnose infection early using Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Computed tomography (CT). There is now software for de-escalating the spread of the virus; infected cases, mortality projection and the development of drugs and vaccines.

AI is solving myriads of problems mounted on the educational system by the pandemic. Now than ever, personalized learning is on the increase. The world is utilizing online technology than before with 93% of households in the US reporting to have shifted to online learning for their children in the middle of the pandemic. AI platforms including Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, Café, are providing simplified learning virtually with regards to individual differences and personalized knowledge integration.

Can 2021 be different with the help of AI

Businesses grew in the middle of the pandemic as AI caused a paradigm shift. Many businesses moved online when the pandemic rendered physical transaction unsafe. Telehealth businesses had about 70% spike using applications, software, videos in attending to people in need of medical services. The banking industry is using AI for credit card services with additional 3.4% increase of use in the US, 32% in e-commerce for the retail and hospitality industry in the US and robots, automation and drones for oil, gas and environmental services.

COVID-19 caught the world unaware but AI responses are shaping 2021 to recovery, improved educational, medical and business services.



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