Dext.ai is an AI and ML software company based in Vienna

Our mission

Is to help customers unlock the powers of their data by building intelligent, user-friendly AI/ML-powered solutions. Since our inception in 2020, Dext.ai set out to help brands and companies unlock the powers of their data, optimize processes, reduce costs and make intelligent decisions through innovative, user-friendly AI/ML-powered solutions.

DEXT.AI Next Level Decisions
DEXT.AI Next Level Decisions

Our founders

Danijel and Marcin, had the vision to develop robust software solutions that fueled by AI and ML algorithms and could be easy to use by everyone. And so, working tirelessly, we’ve evolved from a small boutique AI/ML consultancy, and there’s no stopping us.

Purposefully designed

by founders with enriching backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more, we remain firmly committed to building out-of-the-box, worry-free, and time-saving software solutions that would drive impact.

DEXT.AI Next Level Decisions