DEXT.AI GmbH says hello!

Danijel Kivaranovic and Marcin Chudeusz

We took the bold step to deliver innovative Artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions and empower businesses for the future.

We proudly announce that DEXT.AI is now a Limited Liability Company (GmbH). This is a major move for us on our mission to deliver innovative artificial intelligence technological tools and services on a scalable and cost-effective scale to all kinds of businesses. And so, we write our first post to share our story on how it all began and thank the people that supported us on our way.

First Steps To Success

DEXT.AI was almost a spur of the moment decision by us, Danijel and Marcin. Danijel, an award-winning Machine Learning expert, and Marcin, a highly experienced Data Warehouse Consultant. Two years ago, we were talking about Data Science and quickly realized that our combined experience in Machine Learning and Computer Science could support companies that face problems in adopting artificial intelligence solutions because of high development costs, the lack of expertise, and inaccurate algorithms. So we decided to collaborate on Data Science projects and created DEXT.AI

After a few months of working together, we got our first project with one of the largest banks in Austria. The project was to design an AI-driven Software to check and detect errors from thousands of metrics on data delivered to the Data Warehouse of that bank.

With our AI software solution, the bank can tackle errors, without supervision, which has subsequently improved the efficiency of their Data Warehouse. This project has seen a lot of success.

Through this project, we saw the enormous potential for automated machine intelligence and AI-driven software. When compared to other solutions, we realized that our solutions are entirely different, and would bridge gaps and limitations, most businesses face with other solutions in the market.

Taking on DEXT.AI’s Future

That’s why we grew our internal team to over 10 team members working in and outside Austria. By making this move, we can develop deeper AI-driven systems and deliver to the market as fast as possible.

Our purpose is to help DEXT.AI customers achieve meaningful brand growth and success while reducing their data analysis costs.
Our goal is to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions that are pocket-sized, flexible, scalable, and powerful.

Hence, our systems will be suitable for businesses of all sizes, including the small business scenes where adoption in the past was a challenge. We want companies to enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence, without the need for a robust in-house data analytics team.

We are currently working on a proactive AI and ML-based product that would revolutionize the world of data quality management and data anomaly detection. Stay tuned to our blog to receive insights on this remarkable software.

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DEXT.AI Says a Big Thank You

We also want to say thank you to our partners and customers who have placed great faith in us and helped us come this far.

Most notably, we wish to thank our Automation Software partner, InfiniteDATA, for their reliable support and commitment to our vision.

DEXT.AI also appreciates, Herbst Kinsky Rechtsanwälte, International Law Firm in Vienna, for their guidance and extraordinary legal support during our transition to a limited liability company.



DEXT.AI is an innovative data science company based in Vienna, Austria. We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes achieve futuristic goals through artificial intelligence-driven software solutions. We combine over 20 years in Software engineering, data warehouse, software testing, test automation, and award-winning experts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

With DEXT.AI, businesses can leverage the advantage of data-driven insights to step into a new world of opportunities and take charge of their future.


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